Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Round Christmas Ornaments

It's easy to create your own one-of-a-kind ornaments this year. These DIY examples require only a few craft items and a round Christmas ornament.

Source: Cook-Love-Craft

Source: Little Gray Fox

Source: Voyages of the Creative Variety

Source: The Cheese Thief

Stockade's Paper Mache and Wooden Ornaments can be used for quite a few of these designs. Other Stockade products include glitter, ModPodge and DecoArt Adhesive Medium (great for priming glass surfaces). View all Stockade ornaments.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas List Ornament on a Wooden Spool

These ornaments are super easy to make with only a wooden spool, bit of paint and some cardstock. Heidi from Honeybear Lane made one for each member of her family to create a reminder of what people wanted each year for Christmas. See the full tutorial here.

3D Santa Ornament with DecoArt Snow Tex

With only a few basic paint colours and some DecoArt Snow-Tex, Cindy painted this adorable Santa ornament. Visit her site, Craftsnob.com for a step-by-step tutorial.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Free Stockade Plan - Joy Snowman Ornament

This adorable Snowman features vibrant colours and a great deal of sparkle! The fantastic sparkle comes from DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paints. The colour specific ultra fine glitter is fantastic and adds a real depth to designs.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wooden Ornaments Stitched with Yarn

This Christmas project would be so much fun for kids to do (and so easy for parents to make). This project was featured on Curby where the designer writes: "You know those anxious two or three days before Christmas with kids?  Decorate cookies or drill some holes?  You know what I'd choose."

Stockade's Plain Round Ornament is ideal for this project.
More wooden ornaments can be found here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Santa Design from PaintWorks Magazine

This design is available as a free download from PaintWorks magazine. "Santa Moon" has been designed by Cindy Gensamer and can be adapted in size to fit any size circle shape. We'd suggest Stockade's Pine Plaque Circle or a 1/8" thick laser cut wood circle. It would look lovely featured in the centre of a large wreath or painted as a small ornament.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Popular Kids Craft: Collector Beaded Friendship Pins

Kids love making things that they can share with their friends. These friendship pins are super easy to make and are hugely popular with kids of all ages. They are made using traditional pony beads and Coil-less French Jewelry Pins. These pins allow a maximum number of beads while still being able to attach to clothes, backpacks or shoes. Endless colour combinations can be made and it's a great way to teach small children about patterns. Other uses for these pins include keeping shawls and wraps together or they can be used as stitch holders.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Paint Halloween Pumpkins using Maxine‘s Mop Brush

Have fun painting pumpkins this Halloween with Maxine Thomas' Mop Brush from Loew Cornell. In this YouTube Video Gisele Pope demonstrates how to add dimension to your painting designs. She uses the mop brush to create a beautiful pumpkin. This video also features her unique way to paint a centre highlight. Stockade carries all four of the Maxine Thomas Mops.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Feature: Plum Purdy Winter Whimsy by Renee Mullins

Renee's latest book, Plum Purdy Winter Whimsy features many adorable ornaments which would be fun to paint this Christmas season. Many of these designs can be painted on Stockade products and wooden shapes. Shown here are a few samples found inside this book.

Other surfaces that can be used are a circle shape (for the round ornaments) and coming soon is the Whimsy Santa Shape. DecoArt Americana paints can be found here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feature Product: DecoArt MagiKote for painting Styrofoam

DecoArt's MagiKote is a fabulous new product which allows you to easily work with Styrofoam. As the paper-plaster type coating of MagiKote is applied, the Stryofoam transforms into a smooth surface, which can then be easily painted. With simple painting techniques and MagiKote, Styrofoam takes on the look of stone, pottery and much more. Great for school projects and kids crafts. Find this free downloadable project booklet here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Clothespin Design from Renee Mullins

Peppermint Patti is available as a free pattern from Renee Mullins' Plum Purdy Designs. This project was painted on a 9" wooden Clothespin. On the painting instructions Renee also includes a couple of very helpful painting tips. You can browse more of Renee's free patterns on her site. Renee's books can be purchased from Stockade.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Butterfly and Lady Bug YoYo Design from SDP

These colourful butterflies and lady bugs are painted on wooden YoYos. The free pattern was designed by decorative painters Erika Frei and Elaina Appleby and originally found on the Society of Decorative Painters website.

The Society of Decorative Painters website states: "The National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters, Inc., was organized in 1972 to stimulate worldwide interest in and appreciation for decorative painting; to recognize diversity of and excellence in the art form; and to serve as the resource center for all aspects of decorative painting. Now known as the Society of Decorative Painters, the Society boasts a worldwide family of painters with interests as varied as the places in which they live. Satisfy your passion to paint and create. Anyone can belong!"

See if there is a Canadian SDP chapter near you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Crackle Mediums - What's the Difference?

Crackle mediums are used with acrylics to achieve the look of aged paint. Stockade carries three different kinds of crackle. For this post we discovered what the differences were.

To keep the results fair, each product was applied to the same piece of wood with the same application method and in the same environment (humidity can alter the crackling effects). The amount of crackle product applied and the direction of the brush strokes make a big difference in the styles of crackling (apply with a sponge for a less linear appearance). The examples shown above were all made with a thick coat of crackle medium.

In our test we painted wooden squares first with two coats of Americana Heritage Brick (except for the "One Step Crackle" which we painted directly onto the Toffee Colour). When this dried we painted a thin coat of medium on one square and a thick coat on the next. After it dried (Delta says "let dry until tacky") we painted a even coat of Americana Toffee across the top (using even quick brush strokes). The results are shown below (a thin coat of medium is shown on the left, a thicker coat is shown on the right).

Our findings show that both the Delta Ceramcoat's Crackle and DecoArt's Americana Weathered Wood produced almost identical results with identical application requirements. Other were easy to apply and easy to clean up.

DecoArt's One Step Crackle produces a different look as it is a "one-step" crackle. While the two other products cause the top paint to crackle and reveal the colour below, with this product it is the medium that crackles. It produces a as almost a cracked varnish look. It has a shiny appearance but can be varnished over with another finish or antiqued with stain.

Hopefully this provided some insights to the differences between Stockade's Crackle products. It was fun to do this test and neat to watch the crackle work. If there are other products you'd like to see compared or explained further please let us know.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Free Project from Stockade: Glow in the Dark Alien

This unique alien has a special glow about him! To achieve this look DecoArt's Glow-in-the-Dark Paint was applied to the entire surface as a final coat. DecoArt's other glow paint, Glo-in-the-Dark Dimensional Writer is also fun to use. These paints are ideal for Halloween crafts or can be used year round - try painting stars or moons to the wall of kids' rooms.

The alien is has been painted on #LP275 - Man with Cowboy Hat. Paints used in this project are Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, Cherry Red, Mustard Seed, Hauser Light Green and Lamp Black (the "spots" are painted with a mix of Hauser Light Green and Mustard Seed). Another way to paint the alien would have been to mix the glow paint with the green DecoArt paint and then apply as a base coat. Adding 3D eyes with DecoArt's Glo-in-the-Dark Dimensional Writer would also look nice.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DecoArt Snow-Tex - What's the Difference?

DecoArt Snows add the look and dimension of real snow. This blog post is designed to simplify the differences between each of the snow products. The images shown below are from DecoArt's "What's Under the Cap" video tutorial

Snow-Tex is the original snow. It creates a dimensional effect like snow and stucco. Although snows are white they can be tinted or antiqued using acrylic paints. All snows are non-toxic, waterbased and can be cleaned with soap and water. 

Ornamental Snow-Tex is the same as the original Snow-Tex but has added bits of "snow" giving a more dimensional texture and look.

Glistening Snow-Tex is the same as the original Snow-Tex but has a sparkly appearance.

Similar to the original Snow-Tex, the Snow Writer has a convenient writer tip on a squeeze bottle.

The Glistening Snow Writer is like the Snow Writer but with added sparkle.

For more information visit Stockade's selection of snows.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Close-up Photos of Royal Golden Taklon Brush Sets

Royal Golden Taklon Brush Sets offer excellent quality in convenient assortments. To give you a better idea of which brushes are included with each set we've recently added new close-up photos to our website. Both the Assorted Sets are ideal for the beginning artist or as a gift for a Decorative Painter.

6pc Shader Set #TK2: #2, #4, #6, #8, #10 & #12 Shaders.

7pc Detail Set #TK3: #10/0, #5/0, #3/0, #0, #1, #3 & #5 Rounds.

6pc Angular Set #TK4: #2, #4 & #6 Filbers; 1/8", 1/4" & 3/8" Angulars.

3pc Glaze Wash Set #TK5: 1/2", 3/4" & 1" Base Coats.

7pc Assorted Set #TK6: 3/4" Base Coat; #2 & #6 Shaders; 1/4" Angular; #2 Filbert; #5/0 & #1 Liners.

7pc Assorted Set #TK7: 3/4" Base Coat; #2 & #8 Square Shaders; #5/0, #0 & #5 Rounds; #2 Script Liner.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Butterfly Painting Design from DecoArt Americana

Butterflies can be painted in a rainbow of colours in a variety of settings. This gorgeous Majestic Monarch is available as a free pattern from DecoArt Paints. The artist, Jeanne Collick has captured this regal butterfly in a field of rich, springtime colours.

We suggest highlighting the monarch's browns and oranges by painting this on a basswood plaque featuring a rustic outer edge. Americana Colours used are: Cadmium Yellow, Georgia Clay, Terra Cotta, Lamp Black, Evergreen, Dioxazine Purple, Yellow Light, Golden Straw, Green Mist, Warm White, Mustard Seed, Green Tea and Spicy Mustard. Mediums used are: Multi-Purpose-Sealer, DuraClear Satin Varnish, Faux Glazing Medium and Dazzling Metallics Emporer's Gold. Browse more free project plans on DecoArt's website.
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