Thursday, May 19, 2011

Featured DIY Craft:
Peg Dolls and Flower Pots

These wooden "Flower Girls" are so cute! More images of these cute wooden peg people and their flower pots can be found at the lovely Wabi-Sabi Wandering's Blog. You can make your own version of these beautiful dolls using Stockade's wooden peg people and candle cups (flower pots). The colours used are fabulous and we'd suggest painting the pots DecoArt's Americana Burnt Orange #7016

These adorable painted characters are also featured on Wabi-Sabi's blog. Children love to paint and decorate wooden people. Have a painting party and design your own characters with Stockade's peg people. We'd love to see images of finished products!


  1. Many thanks for the feature. The supplies are actually from Stockade as well, which makes this an extra lovely fit! Now, I especially want to thank you for sharing the photo of my middling's creations. She was SO pleased. Beaming, really.


  2. So glad to find your site. I am your newest follower. I have been searching for a Canadian supplier of pegs! I recently made some Will and Kate dolls from wooden angels. I now know where to get more locally (I was purchasing my pegs from the US - yeesh!)


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