Monday, July 25, 2011

Close-up Photos of Royal Golden Taklon Brush Sets

Royal Golden Taklon Brush Sets offer excellent quality in convenient assortments. To give you a better idea of which brushes are included with each set we've recently added new close-up photos to our website. Both the Assorted Sets are ideal for the beginning artist or as a gift for a Decorative Painter.

6pc Shader Set #TK2: #2, #4, #6, #8, #10 & #12 Shaders.

7pc Detail Set #TK3: #10/0, #5/0, #3/0, #0, #1, #3 & #5 Rounds.

6pc Angular Set #TK4: #2, #4 & #6 Filbers; 1/8", 1/4" & 3/8" Angulars.

3pc Glaze Wash Set #TK5: 1/2", 3/4" & 1" Base Coats.

7pc Assorted Set #TK6: 3/4" Base Coat; #2 & #6 Shaders; 1/4" Angular; #2 Filbert; #5/0 & #1 Liners.

7pc Assorted Set #TK7: 3/4" Base Coat; #2 & #8 Square Shaders; #5/0, #0 & #5 Rounds; #2 Script Liner.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Butterfly Painting Design from DecoArt Americana

Butterflies can be painted in a rainbow of colours in a variety of settings. This gorgeous Majestic Monarch is available as a free pattern from DecoArt Paints. The artist, Jeanne Collick has captured this regal butterfly in a field of rich, springtime colours.

We suggest highlighting the monarch's browns and oranges by painting this on a basswood plaque featuring a rustic outer edge. Americana Colours used are: Cadmium Yellow, Georgia Clay, Terra Cotta, Lamp Black, Evergreen, Dioxazine Purple, Yellow Light, Golden Straw, Green Mist, Warm White, Mustard Seed, Green Tea and Spicy Mustard. Mediums used are: Multi-Purpose-Sealer, DuraClear Satin Varnish, Faux Glazing Medium and Dazzling Metallics Emporer's Gold. Browse more free project plans on DecoArt's website.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Featured Craft: Plastic Canvas Coaster Necklace

This whimsical necklace is made with a plastic canvas coaster and embroidery floss. The blog Stealth and Aces has a detailed tutorial and includes step-by-step photographs to show how you too can make one of these necklaces. Regular decorative coasters could also be made this way and add a fun twist to the usual designs. Stockade carries round coasters, squares and sheets of plastic canvas (plus needles).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feature Product: Garden Trellis Plans

Tame your plants with a trellis this Summer. These two designs can be found on the website Curbly. Step-by-step instructions and photos are included for the easy to build cedar trellis shown on the left. The Eames-inspired Trellis is made with 3/4" doweling and painted 1 1/4" wooden ball knobs (great painted with DecoArt Patio Paint).

For other trellis designs browse Stockade's selection of plans.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun Birthday Party Craft Idea:
Rock Star Birthday Puppets made of Wood Parts

Eight little girls, one great craft & a whole lot of Rock & Roll! For my daughter's seventh birthday party she wanted to have a "Craft Party". Even though we are quite crafty at home the prospect of crafting with a house full of girls (hyped on birthday excitement and cake) made me a bit nervous. To tame this idea we narrowed on a theme. She decided on "Rock Stars". Together we chose to make puppets (who would star in their own rock concert) and decorate CD cases (in case the puppet making didn't take up enough time).

For the first bit of the party the guests decorated their puppets (everyone seemed to have a blast doing this and worked quite studiously on their characters). Once they finished painting they moved to another table (where we had markers and crayons) and then decorated their album covers (I cut out pieces of paper and replaced the album art in the jewel cases of the CDs). After pizza and cake the guests put on a very lively and entertaining rock concert.

Here's how the craft took place:

To make the Rock Stars we used a ball knob, flower pot and wood dowel. The guests could also choose an instrument for their doll (we had electric guitars, acoustic guitars, microphones and tambourines) plus a hair accessory (butterfly, flower or star). To give them an idea of the finished product I painted a sample (late at night before the party - please excuse the poor rendition of a guitar!).

Before the guests arrived I hot glued the wood pieces together. I had debated about gluing the dowel to the flower pot as it fit quit snugly but am glad I did as the concert got quite wild (a lot of hair whipping) and I was relieved the heads & bodies were both securely fastened).

We spread a big sheet out over the dining room table, put down newspapers and waxed paper (to squeeze the paint onto and make clean up a breeze) and handed out a brush to each guest. I recommended that they choose their choice of hair first (we had a few packages of odds and ends of doll hair but yarn could work just as well) and then suggested that they try to paint the top of the doll's head the same shade.

As the dolls dried the girls painted their musical instruments and worked on their CD cover art. By the time the dolls were dry our pizza had arrived. While the girls were eating I was able to hot glue the musical instruments, accessories and the hair to each doll.

After cake and present opening the girls broke up into two groups and preformed a rockin' concert for us. We provided the music with the help of a MP3 player (the girls weren't too keen to sing but were quite loud with their giggling) and the Rock Stars simply swayed (or whipped their hair) to the music.

To make the concert stage we found a large box and decorated it with paper. Four 1 1/2" wide slots were cut across the length of it (this worked well since the dolls wouldn't fall through and having lots of slots kept the dolls from banging into each other).

The guests were thrilled with their dolls and even took them to school the next day. Most of all, my daughter was thrilled with her "Crafty 7th Birthday".

In hind site, we should have made a video of the "concert" and burned those onto DVDs which the guests then could have taken home (in their decorated CD case). ...I don't know that we'd ever have been able to be that organized!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feature DIY Craft: Wooden Wheel Donuts!

These yummy looking donuts are actually painted wooden wheels! You will find more photographs and a detailed tutorial on the blog "ikat bag". First the wheels were painted with two coats of various shades of "dough", then two coats of "icing" and topped with "sprinkles". To finish them two layers of DecoArt Duraclear Varnish were applied. This is a great project to do for kid's crafts. On "ikat bag's" blog images are included of wood donuts painted by children (there was also a suggestion of using these as a craft children could paint during a birthday party).
Make your own wooden donuts! Find wooden wheels, DecoArt paint and varnish at www.stockade.caThese donuts would also be fun made as spinning tops (cut 1/4" dowels to length and sharpen to a slight point).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured DIY Craft:
Jewelry with Dollar Store Finds

Michelle, from the blog Mitch in L.A., used "garishly neon, glitter-infused, squooshy silicone pencil grips" to fashion one of a kind jewelry. Using a selection of beads, jewelry findings and dollar store pencil grips she's created stunning pieces with huge pops of colour - great for wearing this summer. Visit Michelle's tutorial for more images and inspiration.
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