Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Free Russian Nesting Doll (Matryoshka) Project Plan

Paint your own set of 2D Matryoshka dolls. These designs originate from Russia and feature a repeating pattern on different sizes of dolls. They would also be cute painted up to resemble family members. Continue for plan instructions...

General Instructions for all 4 dolls: 
  • Sand & seal all pieces. 
  • Basecoat as follows: Fleshtone – Arm & Faces, Tomato Red - Kerchiefs, True Ochre - Dresses, Victorian Blue - Capes, Black - Hair. 
  • Transfer details for faces & outfits. 
  • Using a stylus “dip-dot" the flowers with a variety of colours from your palette. 
  • Paint tiny leaf swoops with Hauser Medium Green. 
  • Basecoat the eyes White. 
  • Paint the irises Black and highlight in the top center with a White dot. 
  • Using Antique Rose, paint the lips and dry-brush the cheeks. 
  • The largest doll has thin white stripes running along the edge of her cape. 
  • Varnish with your choice of finish. Add detail lines using an Identipen.

  • 1 1/2" Russian Doll #RR9530, 2 1/4" Russian Doll #RR9531, 3" Russian Doll #RR9532, 4" Russian Doll #RR9533DecoArt Americana Paints: Antique Rose #7156, Flesh Tone #7078, Hauser Medium Green #7132, Lamp Black #7067, Snow (Titanium) White #7001, Tomato Red #7169, True Ochre #7143, Victorian Blue #7039. 

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