Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Free Project Plan - Murphy the Thanksgiving Turkey

This is Murphy, the Thanksgiving Turkey. Paint your own Thanksgiving centerpiece featuring this fun dimensional turkey following our free project plan or continue reading.

Murphy, the Thanksgiving Turkey by Cindy Dawson

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints:
  • Antique Gold #7009
  • Burnt Orange #7016
  • Cadmium Orange #7014
  • Deep Burgundy #7128
  • Honey Brown #7163
  • Light Cinnamon #7114
  • Soft Black #7155
  • Tuscan Red #7265 
  • Warm White #7239
  • Royal Brush Mini Majestic #20/0 Liner  #RM227
  • Royal Brush Golden Taklon #3 Round  #R2503
  • Royal Brush Golden Taklon 1/4" Angular Shader #R1614
  • Royal Brush Golden Taklon 1/2" Angular Shader #R1612
Miscellaneous Supplies:
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer #DS917
  • Eversand Sanding Pad #ES400
  • Varnish of choice
  • Sand and seal both wood pieces.
  • Transfer tail pattern on both sides of both pieces. 
Painting Instructions:
  • Basecoat entire tail and beak with Antique Gold and body in Light Cinnamon. Basecoat the waddle in Tuscan Red. 
  • Eye is painted with Warm White and Soft Black, with a highlight dot of Warm White in lower pupil. Use the Liner brush to line eyebrow detail in Soft Black.
  • Use the 1/4" Angular brush side-loaded with Soft Black to paint the “ruffles” on chest and the beak line. Use the same colour to shade both sides of waddle on the beak and face, under the eye and eyebrow.
  • With Deep Burgundy side-loaded on the 1/4" Angular, shade inside both edges of waddle. 
  • Transfer tail feather lines on lightly (if needed).
  • Paint the feathers on both sides as follows from top to bottom; Tuscan Red, Antique Gold, Cadmium Orange, Deep Burgundy, Honey Brown, Burnt Orange – see diagram. Two or more coats may be needed. 
  • Transfer the ring lines on the ‘front’ of the fan shape, and paint using Light Cinnamon.
  • With the 1/4" Angular, shade Soft Black on ‘top’ of each feather. And lightly shade the bottom with same colour.
  • Finish with your choice of varnish. 
  • Carefully sand the slots on both pieces to ensure a smooth fit. 
Two variations of this fun turkey have been painted and are available as free project plans. Visit for painting instructions for "Rainbow" Murphy, the Thanksgiving Turkey (shown above).

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