Thursday, September 5, 2013

Free Project Plan - Penguin Party!

These penguins are ready for a party! Paint your own Penguin Party following Stockade's free project plan or continue reading.

Penguin Party by Cindy Dawson 

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: 
  • Bleached Sand #7257 
  • Bright Green #7054 
  • Hauser Medium Green #7132 
  • Honey Brown #7163 
  • Lamp Black #7067 
  • Lemon Yellow #7011 
  • Napa Red #7165 
  • Neutral Grey #7095 
  • Payne’s Grey #7167 
  • Royal Fuchsia #7151 
  • Snow White #7001 
  • Turquoise Blue #7268 
  • Uniform Blue #7086 
Additional Painting Supplies: 
  • DecoArt Glitter Glamour Dust Celebration Pink #DS310 
  • DecoArt Glitter Glamour Dust Emerald #DS306 
  • DecoArt Glitter Glamour Dust Lemon Drop #DS315 
  • DecoArt Glitter Glamour Dust Turquoise Sparkle #DS307 
  • Sand & seal all pieces. 
  • Basecoat faces and bellies with Bleached Sand. 
  • Basecoat wings and the tops of heads with Lamp Black. 
  • Transfer details. 
  • Highlight under the wing tips with Neutral Grey. 
  • Dry brush Titanium White over bellies. 
  • Base beaks with Golden Straw and highlight points with Lemon Yellow. 
  • Shade the tops and outline the entire beak with Honey Brown.
  • Paint nostrils, eyes and eyebrows with Lamp Black. Highlight the dots in eyes with Titanium White. 
  • Drybrush cheeks with Royal Fuchsia.
Painting Instructions: 
  • Large Penguin: Paint necktie with Bright Green and Lemon Yellow dots. Shade and line with Hauser Medium Green. Float shading with Neutral Grey above and below the tie. 
  • Medium Penguin: Paint bowtie with Turquoise Blue, shade and line with Uniform Blue. Float shading with Neutral Grey above and below the tie. Line glasses with Lamp Black. 
  • Small Penguin: Paint hair bows with Royal Fuchsia. Shade and line with Napa Red. Float shading with Neutral Grey under her neck. 
  • Stand: Base the stand with Turquoise Blue. Paint PENGUIN PARTY with Lemon Yellow and the exclamation point with Fuchsia and Bright Green. 
  • Varnish with your choice of finish. 
  • Apply Emerald Glitter Paint to the necktie and Lemon Drop Glitter to the polka dots. 
  • Apply Turquoise Sparkle to the bowtie. 
  • Apply Celebration Pink Glitter paint to the hair bows. 
  • Apply corresponding glitter paints to the stand. 
  • Outline PENGUIN PARTY using an Identipen.
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