Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bonnie the Springtime Chick

Isn't this little chick adorable? Look at those feathers! She is super fun to paint and requires very few supplies. Try painting a few for a fun Springtime table piece! 

Continue reading for full plan instructions.

Bonnie the Springtime Chick by Cindy Dawson


DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint:
  • Canyon Orange #7238
  • Georgia Clay #7017
  • Lamp Black #7067
  • Lemon Yellow #7011
  • Primary Yellow #7201
  • Titanium White #7001

Miscellaneous Supplies:
  • Weathered Wood #DS902
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer #DS917
  • Transfer paper
  • Eversand Sanding Pad #ES400
  • Varnish of choice

Brushes used:
  • 1/2" Angle Brush #G16012
  • 1/4" Comb Brush #G73014
  • #10/0 Short Liner Brush #G595100
  • 1/8" Stippling Brush #LDM180

  • Sand and seal wood pieces. 

Painting Instructions:
  • Basecoat the heart with Canyon Orange (#7238) and the egg with Lemon Yellow (#7011). 
  • Shade around the outside edge of the heart with Georgia Clay (#7017). 
  • Use the Liner brush with Lamp Black (#7067) to paint the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. 
  • Load the Liner brush with Canyon Orange and paint the beak. 
  • With the Liner brush dipped in Lamp Black, dot the nostrils. 
  • With the Liner brush dipped in Titanium White (#7001), add a highlight dot in each eye. 
  • Water down a small amount of Titanium White and use the Comb brush to paint loose feathers over the tummy area. 
  • Sideload the 1/2" Angle brush with Primary Yellow (#7201) and shade under the eyes, eyebrows, beak and around the white of the tummy. 
  • Dip the stippling brush into a small amount of Georgia Clay. After wiping most of the paint off on a paper towel, lightly "blush" each cheek.

  • Varnish both the heart and the egg with two coats of varnish. Let dry. 
  • Glue the egg to the heart, ensuring the top of the heart faces outward to create "feet". 
  • Attach yellow feathers with glue to each side of the egg for wings and to the back for a tail. Attach orange feather bits to the top of the egg using glue. You may need to cut the feathers and/or combine a variety to achieve your desired look.

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