Thursday, April 24, 2014

Memory Keeper Birthday Calendar DIY

Never forget a birthday again!

This project was really fun to create and was interesting to see where so many birthdays and anniversaries fall in the calendar year. All the wooden pieces were easy to paint and only required a top coat (the edges are dark as they have been cut with a laser). You could choose to paint all of the individual date tiles or leave them natural (with a coat of varnish) as we did.

Hanging from the memory keeper plaque are wooden tiles representing the months of the year (J-D) and below them are birthday and anniversary tiles. You can choose to hang simple wooden circles or squares and write the name and birthday on the tiles or, as we've done in this sample, use Stockade's date tiles representing the individual's birthday date and then simply write their name above. We used the heart tiles to represent anniversaries.

This would be great to paint as a Mother's Day gift!

Continue reading for full plan instructions.

Memory Keeper Birthday Calendar from Stockade


DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint:

Miscellaneous Supplies:

Brushes used:

  • Sand and seal all wood pieces. 

Painting Instructions:
  • Paint the Memory Board and the Calendar Month Set with Whispering Turquoise. 
  • Paint the "C" and "R" with Peony Pink.
  • Paint the "E" and "A" with Desert Turquoise.
  • Paint the "L" and "T" with Citron Green.
  • Paint both "E"s with Lavender.
  • Paint the "B" and Exclamation Mark with Tangerine.

  • Apply a coat or two of varnish to all of the pieces (including the memory date tiles). Let dry. 
  • Using small amounts of clear drying glue, attach the "Celebrate!" letters to the plaque.
  • Using 10mm jump rings attach all tiles to the calendar.
  • Use rope, twine, ribbon or wire to hang the finished piece.

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