Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY Grey Cat painting project

This cat is a fun shape to paint. Paint it in soft shades of grey following the directions below or choose your own colours and follow the general guidelines.

Continue reading for full plan instructions.

Grey Cat by Cindy Dawson


DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint:
  • Lamp Black #7067
  • Graphite #7161
  • Slate Grey #7068
  • Grey Sky #7111
  • Blue Chiffon #7193
  • Pink Chiffon #7192
  • Neutral Grey #7095

Miscellaneous Supplies:
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer #DS917
  • Eversand Sanding Pad #ES400
  • Transfer paper #GP120A
  • Stylus #PK090
  • Varnish of choice (we used Satin #DS921)

Brushes used:
  • #20/0 Script Liner #G585200
  • 1/4" Angular #G16014
  • 1/4" Filbert #G93014

Sand and seal wood pieces.

Painting Instructions:
  • Using the 1/4" Angular, basecoat cat with Neutral Grey.
  • Lightly transfer the pattern.
  • Sideload an Angular brush with Black and shade around the chin, under the ears, the base of the tail, between the front legs, under the belly, the back leg up along the abdomen and on top of each paw.
  • Using the Script Liner, paint the eyes with Blue Chiffon and the inside of the ears with Pink Chiffon.
  • With Graphite and the Script Liner, line the nose, mouth, toes and outline the eyes.
  • Paint the fur using the Filbert Comb. Thin each paint colour with water so it flows easily from the bristles. Always start with tthe darkets colours, working up to the lightest: Graphite, Neutral Grey, Slate Grey, Grey Sky.
  • Use the Script Liner and Black to paint the pupils. Add a highlight dot in each eye with Grey Sky.
  • Paint a tiny heart nose with the Script Liner with Pink Chiffon.
  • Dot Neutral Grey "freckles" on the muzzle, then use the Script Liner with Grey Sky to paint the whiskers and longer hairs at the base of the ears.

  • Varnish with two coats of varnish. Let dry.

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