Monday, April 27, 2015

Free Project Plan - Wedding Party Peg People

This fun peg people wedding set would be a great addition to any wedding. It would be especially cute as a cake topper or for place settings.

Wedding Party Instructions by Cindy Dawson
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DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint:
  • Snow White #7001
  • Lamp Black #7067
  • Flesh Tone #7078
  • Indian Turquoise #7087
  • Charcoal Grey #7088
  • Neutral Grey #7095
  • Coral Rose #7103
  • Grey Sky #7111
  • Light Cinnamon #7114
  • Antique Rose #7156
  • Honey Brown #7163
  • Calypso Blue #7234
  • Melon #7251
  • Whispering Turquoise #7305
  • Glamour Dust Ice Crystal #DS309
Miscellaneous Supplies:
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer #DS917
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue #DA7374
  • Varnish of choice
  • Stylus
  • Sand and seal wood pieces.
Painting Instructions:
  • Basecoat all heads & necks with Flesh Tone. Drybrush cheeks with Coral Rose.
  • Paint hair Honey Brown.
  • Use a stylus and create a necklace with dots of White.
  • Paint dress and hat White. Paint the neckline and float the ruffles with Grey Sky. Using a stylus add the dots between the ruffles with White. Varnish (and let dry) then paint over the entire dress & hat with Glamour Dust Ice Crystals.
  • Basecoat flower with Coral Rose. Shade around the center with Antique Rose and highlight the flower petal ends with Melon. In the center add tiny dots of White.
  • Paint hair Light Cinnamon.
  • Paint suit and bowtie Black.
  • Paint linework with Neutral Grey.
  • Paint suit jacket buttons Charcoal Grey.
  • Paint shirt & pocket puff White.
  • Paint shirt buttons Grey Sky.
Best Man
  • Paint hair Honey Brown.
  • Paint suit Charcoal Grey.
  • Paint shirt White.
  • Paint tie & pocket puff Indian Turquoise.
  • Paint linework & the shirt buttons Neutral Grey.
  • Paint suit jacket button & belt Black.
Maid of Honor
  • Paint hair Light Cinnamon.
  • Basecoat dress with Indian Turquoise.
  • Shade along the bottom of the dress and under the breast line and hips with Calypso Blue. Highlight with Whispering Turquoise around the neckline and above the shading on the hip line.
  • Using Calypso Blue, line around the neckline and add a ruffle of tiny dots.
  • With a stylus create a necklace White & Indian Turquoise dots.
  • Basecoat flower with Indian Turquoise. Shade around the center with Calypso Blue and highlight the flower petal ends & the center with Whispering Turquoise. In the center add tiny dots of White.
Finishing Instructions:
  • Varnish all pieces. Attach the flowers and hats with Tacky glue.

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